Our Team 


A good legal team ensures a perfect legal workout. At RBS, we have managed an excellent team, having been trained professionally for carrying out any legal task assigned to them. RBS always takes pride that it has developed a complete, rather comprehensive, team with diversified expertise. 



Mushtaq Ahmad Shafiq (Mentor) 


Having worked as a judicial officer for a life time, Mr. Shafiq is advancing his larger than life experience to the clients of RBS. Being the patron in chief of the law firm, he has been advising not only the clients but even the RBS team regarding Constitutional, Corporate and Criminal matters. Mr. Shafiq has always kept himself connected with the latest information and knowledge. 

Mr. Shafiq is an expert in criminal litigation. He has advised a lot of companies and corporate individuals in their internal and external affairs. He is often heard saying: “Behind every crime, there is a misfortune.” 


Waseem Ahsan (Senior Partner) 


The most senior lawyer by virtue of his legal career, having an LLM from the most prestigious university in Pakistan, Mr. Waseem Ahsan is an expert in civil, taxation and banking litigation. Through his vast career, spreading over a track record of every sort of successful civil litigation, he has always satisfied the clients with his marvelous and exceptional legal skills. He has represented many corporate and individual clients in tax cases before the Federal Board of Revenue, Tax tribunals and Honorable High Courts. 

Mr. Waseem Ahsan is the most learned and experienced member of the RBS team. He has always proven his skills in the courtrooms and during in house corporate and tax advisory. Mr. Waseem often says: “The beauty of a lawyer rests in his way of capacity building. I will never be satisfied with mine and will always see every case as a new one.” 


Ahmad Bilal Sheikh (Managing Partner) 


Having a track record of successful litigation on energy laws, specially Gas & Electricity, Ahmad Bilal Sheikh has proven to be an excellent lawyer having well proceeded with the cases in almost every high court of the country. His expertise, besides energy laws, are corporate advisory, banking, mergers & acquisition and media laws. He has proven to be a great asset for the RBS team with his outstanding presentation skills in the court rooms. 
Mr. Sheikh is well renowned for his Public Interest Litigation which includes ‘The Case against quota system for services of Pakistan’, The Case against ban on The Maalik Film’, and ‘The Case against section 172(2) of Code of Criminal Procedure’. 

Mr. Sheikh has conducted numerous Alternate Dispute Resolutions for the corporate clients. He is very well known for an amazing person-to-person communication with clients which he believes to be the real asset of a professional lawyer. Mr. Sheikh believes: “Justice is a very precious thing and no one should be allowed to beat its price.”


Khabaib Sharif Gujjar (Associate) 


Being the youngest and the most enthusiastic part of the team, Mr. Khabaib Sharif Gujjar has achieved the level of Associate partner in his ‘not very long’ legal career. His utmost urge to learn new things makes him the most special individual in the team. He is an expert in criminal trials and civil litigation.  

He is the head of the team in criminal litigation. Having conducted a lot of successful criminal trials and family suits, Mr. Gujjar is determined to pursue his higher studies in law. Mr. Khubaib quotes:“My ultimate aim is to get the constitution implemented in its very true spirit and that’s something I’ll never compromise on.” 


Umer Ijaz Ranjha (Associate 


Mr. Umer Ijaz Ranjha is an expert in tax litigation, advisory and legislative drafting. He has advised government on a number of laws, rules and byelaws extensively 

Mr. Ranjha has advised government and corporate clients on their various matters regarding constitution, tax, and transaction. Mr. Ranjha says: “Any law inconsistent with the constitution is no law at all and the honorable courts always stand with the constitution.” 


Misbah Iqbal (Associate 


Mrs. Misbah Iqbal is gifted in carrying out legal research in unparalleled manner. Whenever a lawyer from the RBS team speaks out loud and clear in the court rooms impressing the presiding officer and the audience, there is always a part of Mrs. Misbah in it. 

She is an expert in drafting indigenous and international trade agreements & contracts and dealing in international trade laws. She has advised many corporate bodies regarding their investments in Pakistan. She specializes in proposing legal opinions for investments, mergers and acquisition. Mrs. Misbah says: “If it is not written, it is not law; but it is always written somewhere not else. All you have to do is to find it.” 





Miss. Saira Ahmad 

Mr. Abubakar Dhillon 

Mr. Tahir Riaz Bhutta 

Mr. Ali Raza Kashfi